A family located near us had just remodeled their kitchen, which was now ready to be able to make tons of food for big parties. They wanted to get a custom deck in Stamford added at their home for big group gatherings, so their guests could relax outdoors or indoors. The family also wanted to have a paver patio added that would lead up to the deck, and a retaining wall next to the paver patio for both sitting and holding in landscaping features. They contacted us and we met with them at their home to offer suggestions.

The custom deck would soon be built.

The couple showed us where they were wanting the paver patio and the retaining wall. We showed them different types of pavers that they could choose from and the couple decided to go with the natural stone patio pavers. We then went over several different options for their custom deck. They wanted enough space that would comfortably seat six people along with a nice patio table and chairs to match. We showed them that the 12 foot x 16 foot deck would look and that is the size that the family decided to go with. We gave them the estimate and they scheduled us to the following week.

We built a paver patio after this couple's Stamford custom deck was finished- Premier Outdoor Living

Our team arrived on time, then started building the deck. By the end of the day the deck was built. We returned the following day and the team started prepping the ground for the paver patio and the retaining wall. We brought a few extra crew members that day so we could get the project done on time. Within three days, the entire project was completed. Every member of the family came out to see how their backyard space looked now that we had finished their project. Everyone loved the transformation. The mother said she had already been to purchase plants and flowers to put around her deck and retaining wall and they had new patio furniture being delivered the next day.

The parents said we did a fantastic job and they were pleased that we got the job done exactly to what their specifications were. They said now that their kitchen and customized deck was done they were going to plan a big family reunion at their home now that they have the added space that would accompany their large family members. They thanked us again for making them the best custom decks in Stamford.