Our company was recently contacted by a couple seeking an expert landscape designer in Darien. They had just purchased a new home. The family of five had just moved into a really nice house that happened to have a very plain backyard. The dad had a successful career in New York in the finance sector and he didn’t want to spare any expense in having an awesome backyard for his kids to enjoy. The couple’s first request was to have the porch upgraded to a custom deck of their choosing.

Our landscape designer met with the couple and helped them with a custom deck. The landscape designer offered several different suggestions and options for the custom deck, which included a space that was large enough for a large family along with guests and a canopy. This would ensure that they could use the deck in any weather condition. The couple liked the suggestions, and in the end they also went for an outdoor fireplace next to the grilling area. The mom also selected several areas for planting, and she was really enjoying selecting the flowers that would be present in their completely overhauled backyard. We gave the couple an estimate for the custom deck and outdoor fireplace, and they were quickly ready for us to get started.

The Lansdcaper Services Were Being Done

We built a custom deck in darien for this house, which was created by our landscape designerOur talented team members arrived at the home first thing Wednesday morning. The team started building the custom deck that the customers had requested. The crew worked on the deck for a couple of days, then the team worked on the outdoor fireplace. The final thing that needed to be done was the landscaping plants that the mom wanted. The team had the project completed right on time, which made everyone involved very happy. The mother and kids were home when we were finished, and they all loved the way their backyard had turned out. The dad called us the next afternoon to thank the team for doing a great job. He said that he was very impressed with the knowledge of our landscape designer, because she was able to create a custom deck that was large enough to accommodate their family and plenty of guests, which was important to the them. He said that Premier Outdoor Living & Landscaping was the only landscaper to contact for any outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and outdoor space.