We were recently contacted by a married couple that was wanting a complete outdoor living space solution. They wanted to have an outdoor kitchen in Greenwich built alongside an outdoor fireplace, so the missus could relax while her husband grilled delicious meals for them. The couple also wanted a retaining wall alongside the entire space to give it some enclosure. We also suggested a stone patio for the areas around the kitchen and the fireplace, which they really appreciated. We ended up moving forward with the project after submitting a couple of designs to them.

Building the outdoor kitchen and living space

The Premier Outdoor Living & Landscaping crew arrived at the home and started getting the ground ready for the outdoor fireplace and retaining wall. The retaining wall was built first, then the stones that the couple requested were set one-by-one to build the fireplace. The crew returned each morning and worked until dusk on the project. The specialty appliances that we ordered for the couple arrived just in time as the crew was ready to start on the kitchen. We installed the appliances, the cabinets, and then the marble that was selected by the couple.

It seemed like a long process, but the crew was able to get the job done two days ahead of schedule. The crew packed up and cleaned everything so that when the couple returned home from work they would see their customized outdoor kitchen and every specification that they requested was fulfilled.

The next morning we received a call from the couple. They said they were really impressed with the design process, and they were extremely happy with the finished build. The wife told us that every evening she would take a peek when she came home from work, but when she came home last night she was ecstatic that the job was done and it was better than she and her husband had hoped for. They couldn’t get over the transformation of their outdoor living space. The couple celebrated by having a fire in their new fireplace and the wife kicked back, relaxed, and sipped on a glass of wine while her husband made dinner in their new outdoor kitchen. They thanked us and wanted us to tell each of the crew that they really appreciated the hard work that was put into their outdoor space. The couple was very happy.