An older couple who had recently retired called us to do some landscaping in Westport. The couple wanted an upgrade on their current backyard porch, which was looking shabby. They also called us to build a new retaining wall that would keep their gardening habit active. They were also interested in updating the backyard by getting the old deck replaced with one of our custom decks. Our professional landscape designer met with the couple at their home.

The couple showed the designer their current deck, which was definitely in need of replacing as there was rotting in several areas. They showed the landscape designer where they wanted to have a retaining wall added to their backyard and our landscaping expert showed the couple several different retaining walls that we had created in the past for our customers. The couple selected what they wanted installed and we gave them an estimate. They agreed with the estimate, then scheduled us to begin the work.

The Westport Landscaping Was About to Begin

We did expert Westport landscaping work in the backyard of a retired couple's houseThe day before our landscaping specialists were about to start the project the couple called and wanted to change a few things. The estimate process took a while, because the couple changed their mind a few times. Ultimately the project went smoothly when they decided exactly what they wanted. We understand that customers may change their mind and we always work with them to ensure the best final product. It is important that our customers get what they want and need with our services.

The crew started replacing the current deck with the custom deck that the couple had selected. The retaining wall was then built where they wanted. The backyard was totally transformed when the crew finished each project. The retirees always sat outside and watched us work. They never commented until the crew was finishing up the retaining wall and they both said that we did a great job. The customers commented that the custom deck was just perfect, and way better than they  had anticipated. They really loved the way the retaining wall had turned out, and they have already decided what plants they were going to plant that weekend. The landscaping that we had been able to provide exceeded the customer’s expectations and needs. The couple can now totally enjoy their retirement on their custom deck that was specifically designed for their needs and preferences. The couple thanked us for doing a wonderful job.